For the first time ever China will host the IKA World Course Racing Championship in 2013 and there is no better location for this event than the beach at King Bay on Hainan Island.

The championships will be located at Boao, on the east coast of Hainan Island and we would like to welcome you to one of China's newest kiting locations.

Hainan is China's smallest province, and also the largest island under the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China. Hainan is also the only island province administered by the PRC.

Hainan's climate is tropical, characterised by hot and humid summers, with mild, pleasant winters. Temperatures usually range from 24-35°C in the summer, and 19-25°C in the winter.

The 2013 World Course Race Championship will be run under the organisation of the IKA and the Hainan Sports Department. With the event being sponsored and hosted by King Bay with event operation and management support from the KTA and local organizer Kitesurf China.

King Bay will be offering free accommodation at the Boao Ramada 5 star hotel and meals throughout the day to all competitors as part of the World Championship rider's package. Riders may also arrive up to one week in advance of the competition to warm up and get used to local conditions also as part of the rider's package, so free of charge.

All involved are aiming to make this an enjoyable and unique Championship experience for you, with not only the comfort of the King Bay location but support for you on the beach with large onsite storage for all your equipment, set-up and test areas, repair stations for both kites and boards, along with sports therapists to help keep you in top form.

King Bay is a property development company, which operates all over China and is currently building the biggest water sports resort in Asia at its Boao location. Some of the future activities, which will be available at King Bay from 2014, will include a Kite Cable Park, Flowrider Standing Wave Machine, Freefall Simulator, Quazar Laser Tag Arena and all the usual water sports activities and of course as Kiteboarding!